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About the Founder

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With over two decades of experience as a successful program evaluator, grant writer, and project administrator, Becca has the skills to ensure that a project is successfully developed and assessed. Becca works with clients to develop, evaluate, and manage sound programs in the social services, health, and education sectors. She also coordinates trainings about local health access and leads strategic planning processes.


Becca is an experienced project evaluator who will design and oversee a comprehensive evaluation, including both process and outcome objectives. Becca’s collaborative evaluation style gives stakeholders a strong voice throughout the evaluation process and ensures that data collection is integrated with project activities.


Prior to founding a consulting group, Becca served as grants coordinator for Lucia Mar Unified School District in Arroyo Grande for seven years and a regional planner in Mankato, Minnesota. She began her career as an internship coordinator in the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz. She holds a Master's Degree in Educational Administration from Minnesota State University and a Bachelor's Degree from UC Santa Cruz.

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